Bug fixes and little improvements comming

I am preparing a new version. Some little improvements, bug fixes, and library updates. Always get the latest version for all of the available features and improvements.

Thanks for using Bills Manager

And don´t forget, leave a message with your wishes 😛

7 thoughts on “Bug fixes and little improvements comming

  1. My app accidentally got deleted and I had paid $4.99 for the add free. Is there anyway to get that back? Along with all my data I had saved? I’m new to the app but it was amazing so far! Please let me know. Thank you!

    • Hi, thanks for contact us. About the purchase, just download the app and make the purchase again, Apple will not charge you again.
      About the data, we don’t keep record of your data, remember you can backup data to Dropbox and restore it again in any device. Greetings.

  2. I again would like to suggest an enhancement I have requested previously. It is becoming g an issue when I manage and scroll through my monthly budget and I accidentally hit the check mark ✅ in middle of dashboard display and I accidentally mark a bill paid with out realizing it. I have so many bills for the month I plan, and this feature has caused me to miss payments as I don’t realize my thumb scrolling accidetly hit it. Reading through threads, I see this is also a nuance for other users. I love your app and would prefer not to change platforms and start all over with another companies app, however this really is becoming an issue. It is at all possible to either 1) remove that feature 2) move to left-side of row (or give user choice of left or right side checkbox ☑️ drowning on where they scroll) or 3) add a prompt to verify user wants to mark as paid. I understand that feature is there so a user can just go down the list and mark paid without having to go into the account, but where it sits is not a feasible location. Thank you.

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