New version available

Hi all!!!! Version 1.0.10 has been published.

You will find a link to open the account url, the total for the period in some reports, and some bugfixes.

Enjoy it.

In the next version: passcode to protect your data (yes, finally!!!!)



8 thoughts on “New version available

  1. I love your app and use it daily. Just now I was going through settings and clicked for password and assigned a password. I then closed it out after I was done using it. I went to reopen it and it has a bug, it does not open, just displayes a black screen and closes. Please please please fix this. I spent so many hours and time setting this up, I paid so many bills today and I can’t lose this information. Please fix this ASAP. Please!!

  2. I would like to make a request for an enhancement, you may have tried this already or changed it. The check mark ✅ to make a bill paid is way to easy to click on accident, I have accidentally pressed it numerous times, accidentally making something while scrolling down, only to discover later that I had not paid it and marked it in error. I noticed this occurance today while scrolling. My suggestion is to put a feature on the check mark ✅ to force user to confirm payment like you have when we go into the payment and close it, it asked us if we are sure we want to make changes. I know that check mark is there to mark as paid, however it is too easily marked. Another option is to put it either on the left or right side margin since many users scroll down the center of their mobile devise rather than in the edges, this may eliminate confusion. Thanks for your app, it is a life saver!!’

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